The Best Way to Maintain Your Pool

If you don’t know anything about the ideal pool chemistry, then this article will help you. Follow the advice we have listed below that came straight from the professionals on how to maintain your pool and ensure water quality. Keep in mind that pools with poor water chemistry are filled with algae and bacteria that are harmful to health.   

If you’re like many people who don’t swim in their pools a lot, then you must not know the first thing about pool chemistry.  If you think that since you can still see the pool’s surface it is fine. But it seems like things aren’t as simple as that. Here are some tips to follow: 

  1. Treat your pool regularly.

Chlorine ranks as the king of all types of pool cleaning chemicals. It has been used for many decades in eliminating germs and algae. Almost pool maintenance tips will include the use of chlorine as it is the most popular and the easiest chemical to the source. There are also salt chlorine generators that produce and spread chlorine into the water using a special mechanical system. Such technology is very popular in new pools. However, it is a common misconception that saltwater pools don’t need chlorine and other maintenance chemicals. 

Saltwater pools are more acidic because they produce chlorine at a higher pH level compared to the usual. Pool service providers may also say that using salt generators instead of directly adding chlorine has a similar effect to using hard water instead of soft water in homes. Ultraviolet systems, oxidation, and ozone are some of the other systems that can be used to balance the water chemistry of swimming pools. 

  1. Use proper pool cleaning equipment.

Each pool sanitation system has its own downside. Sometimes, issues occur when measuring or handling chemicals. Other times, it is when trying to avoid the corrosive effect of salt on pool decks, patio furniture, and greenscapes. 

Ozone is can’t be seen by the naked eye, which is unlike UV that uses light. It is usually upon the pool service provider to ensure the pool cleaning machines are working properly all the time. Sadly, only a few companies understand how these devices can are used or maintained. 

  1. Consider the prevailing climate in the region.

You will need to incorporate more chemicals and treat your pool often as summer nears. This is partly because more people are more inclined to use the pool during this time. What works in the cities of the colder regions may not necessarily work for those in the hotter regions. It’s important that you know exactly how the climate impacts the pool. 

  1. Hire pool maintenance experts. 

Chemicals aren’t exactly cheap. You usually get what you’re paying for. The more efficient products are going to be more expensive than the others. This also holds true to environmentally friendly options. Salt systems usually cost $1,000 apiece. Every pool requires continual maintenance, so it is best to hire a professional to help you with this detail. Contact the experts in pool service Marin to assist you.